1. Missfire26

    Hello everybody!

    Hello everybody! My name is Chantal, I am from the Netherlands and I started gardening seriously last year. Before that I tried to grow herbs in the windowsill to cook with. I love cooking and I would like growing my own food and especially foods you can’t find in the supermarket to use in...
  2. TinaBen

    ways to use a glut of chillies and capsicums

    We are still novices at growing in the poly tunnel (2 years now) and made the mistake of planting / sowing too many of the same plants in the first year. This is how we dealt with our glut of cayenne chilies and capsicums. We still have the chili paste in the freezer 1 year on!!
  3. Letsgokate


    Thought I'd start a thread where we can show off our canned, bottled, preserved goods, whether, you grew the ingredients yourself or bought items on a good special :) and whether you water bathed them or used a pressure cooker. Not dehydrated items as there are other posts on that. I find...
  4. Mark

    Red/Purple Sauerkraut made from Mammoth cabbages

    I'm making red/purple sauerkraut from some of our Mammoth rock cabbages looking forward to seeing how it turns out! The method below is based off the recipe I have already written on my blog here but feel free to ask questions about making sauerkraut in this thread or add your own...
  5. Mark

    How to make an organic lime cordial from home grown fruit

    Hi all, in my latest VLog I describe how I make lime cordial from an excess of limes grown completely organically. There are other things going on in the video but the lime squeezing is around the middle.
  6. Mark

    Sterilock Airlock for fermentation of food

    Here's a new product for beer brewers and food fermenters to try called Sterilock. This small device is fitted to the top of any fermenting vessel just like a standard airlock to prevent air getting in whilst letting CO2 escape to relieve the pressure in the container whilst fermentation is...
  7. Mark

    How to make cheese jam or jelly from Ceylon Hill Gooseberries

    I decided to make a cheese jam/jelly from Ceylon Hill Gooseberries and I'm happy to announce it turned out amazing! Sweet jelly or a jam goes really well with cheeses and I was keen to not only make a good tasting accompaniment to cheese but also one that held its shape looking good and...
  8. Mark

    Curing & marinating small Arbequina olives

    Here's an article on how I cured Arbequina olives in just 5 weeks. I really thought it would take longer to cure them even though they are a small olive but I'm happy with the results!
  9. Mark

    Sliced cucumbers pickled preserved in lemon juice & vinegar

    Here's another pickled cucumber mix idea to preserve them for use later. When cucumbers are in season they grow rapidly but don't last very long on the plant or in the crisper so pickling them is a great way to keep the freshness and even enhance the taste. Whole pickled cucumbers are best done...
  10. Mark

    Cucumbers cold pickled in vinegar mix

    Here's some home grown cucumbers (Lebanese I think) because they self-seeded in my garden so I don't know for sure but I was surprised to see fruit on the vine! It felt like yesterday when I had a look and saw only flowers then suddenly BANG like the next day there were several 4-6 inch...
  11. Mark

    Rosella jam making

    Here's a video I knocked up on how I make rosella jam and following the video is a radio segment with myself and Robert Blackmore from Sunshine Coast Radio on the subject of growing rosellas and preserving.
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