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Hi everyone! My in ground garden bed has many tree roots growing through it. I'm wondering if I put a raised garden bed on top of it, will the tree roots grow up into the raised garden?

I put my raised beds in the sunniest spot in the yard - which also happens to be next to a large cherry tree. Unfortunately, the tree roots come up through one end of the bed. Once a year I go through and cut them out, and I also use extra mulch and fertilizer on that side.
elliott kingi
elliott kingi
Thanks for your input AuggieDog! I'm a beginner gardener and would like to know more about how you cut the roots out and used the mulch and fertiliser. Do you know if there's a method for stopping the roots from growing into the raised garden bed?
wicking beds are good, the solid ones and even better if you can get them up off the ground a bit, it's the only sure way to stop the tree roots that I know of