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Founder, Male, from Bellmere, QLD

Staff Member

Been really busy... mostly family stuff but also working on the property. Great to see all the activity here on SSC :) Jan 15, 2017

Mark was last seen:
Nov 19, 2019 at 9:41 AM
    1. Walt
      Hello, Mark. Just wondering how the Writer/Contributor Trial is going and if it is something you will keep doing. Answer when you can....I know you are busy. Walt Davis
    2. Laura Gibbs
      Laura Gibbs
      I bought the cheap Chinese 55 egg incubator with automatic turner. The instructions was in Chinese please help!
      1. Mark
        @Laura Gibbs can you take a pic and create a new thread please so I can see it? Maybe then we can work it out
        Feb 12, 2019
    3. jwall1979
      Hi there.I was wondering if u could help me I have the 54 holder 1 This is my 1st time using an incubator and Ill actually be using it 4 bearded drgn eggs.So Ill need to adjust it to a lower temp and a higher humidity than you would for say chicken eggs.I am incubator illiterate.I do not understand most of the settings such as the bottom and top tem settings .I could use a better understanding of the incubator
    4. Zeeshan
      Hello Mark,
      In my region minimum temperature uses to be 10 C in winter. Will some kind of olive tree fruit here?
      Moreover you mentioned in your posts an online nersary which provides advice for specific kind of olive tree for low chill (less cool) winter areas.
    5. Maria
      This evening one female quail started fighting with her last cage mate (since I had to separate the others) and she broke her beak trying to get away from the aggressor! The top half is totally broken!. What should I do to help her? I will be totally bummed if she doesn't survive this...any advice is welcomed gladly!
    6. Sherry Robitson
      Sherry Robitson
      Thank you for those wonderful YouTube videos! So much good information that can be applied no matter what country you live in.
    7. JaninaG
      Hi Mark,
      Made it to the forum.... seems my PC deleted the forum.... Now to go and buy some of that so ugly its beautiful Yellow Dragon, and hope it likes Victoria :) oh and my tree stumps :)
      1. Mark likes this.
    8. Eddie007
      I am in southern California. I believe my mango trees that are in pots are being affected by anthracnose. We had a lot of rain in January and February. I am not sure if it's anthracnose. We have no experts in my area since we have no commercial growers.

      I can send pics of affected branches.

      1. Mark likes this.
      2. Mark
        Hi @Eddie007 please create a new thread in the fruit and veg section and post your pics there as this is the easiest way to share images and communicate. Welcome!
        Mar 16, 2017
    9. Mark
      Been really busy... mostly family stuff but also working on the property. Great to see all the activity here on SSC :)
    10. Janice
      Hi Mark, thanks for the video. I am concerned about leaving my 3 girls when we are away. I will have them checked once every second day. My coop is enclosed 1.5 w by 1.2 d and 1.5 h shed. Small! Can the chickens be locked in this small area for two weeks with the bedding,water and food being checked every second day. The door has shade cloth on it so there is light but filtered.
      1. ClissAT
        When you reduce the light by that much your chooks will go off lay & may even begin to moult.Also at this time of year confining them like that is asking for pests like lice leg mite, intestinal worms, etc to get established.
        Nov 6, 2016
      2. ClissAT
        The amount of manure they create in that time period would also make it a hot bed for fly larvae which the chooks might eat if there is enough light to see them but in general is not a good thing.
        Nov 6, 2016
      3. ClissAT
        If your little shed gets any sun on it, it will heat up dramatically on these overly hot days we are currently experiencing.
        The way I see it, you can lock any animal in any sized space but whether it is humane is another thing.
        Nov 6, 2016
    11. Mark
      Going to Thailand and Vietnam for a holiday - 16 days leaving soon :)
      1. Mary Playford, stevo and Letsgokate like this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. stevo
        ok we'll try not to wreck the place... too much
        Sep 21, 2016
        Mark likes this.
      4. Mark
        I'll try and keep a hand in from over there lol... keen to learn more first hand about Asian cooking and what they grow locally.
        Sep 23, 2016
      5. Sasha Bushell
        Sasha Bushell
        Ah, we went to thailand this year.. absolutely loved it, and we have just started planning a trip to vietnam for 2018 :)
        Sep 24, 2016
    12. Sasha Bushell
      Sasha Bushell
      Hi mark, ive been watching a tonne of your videos and ive seen that you grow your own ducks for meat?
      You have mentioned before that your not a fan of killing, do you bring your ducks somewhere to be processed? If so, where and how much do they charge and do you know if they do chickens?

      Thankyou :)
      1. Mark
        Sorry Sasha I didn't see your message... we have chatted about this but feel free to start a thread of your own ( if you like) because it would be interesting to see what others think also :)
        Sep 23, 2016
    13. Mark
      Boy! How time flies when you're surfing our forum to catch up on all the latest... Wonderful to see people getting involved :)
      1. Sasha Bushell likes this.
      2. stevo
        who's Mark? :-)
        Sep 5, 2016
        Sasha Bushell likes this.
    14. Mark
      Doing radio show today on Sunshine Coast FM ABC will be able to dedicate more time to SSC over the next few months :)
      1. Letsgokate and stevo like this.
      2. stevo
        If you get time and can post a link to an online broadcast thing that'd be good.
        Aug 22, 2016
        Mark likes this.
    15. Mark
      Forums quiet :)
      1. stevo
        I think everyone is busy working on their properties! ...and I didn't want to fill the forum with my crap :-)
        May 24, 2016
        Mark likes this.
      2. OskarDoLittle
        Actually I've been in Africa for a wedding! Got home to discover my veggie patch doing quite badly :( one enormous zucchini seems to have caused all the other fruit/flowers to drop off. I did discover that if you let your Lebanese zucchini overgrow, the skin becomes tough like gem squash...but you can still use them just like a gem squash...possibly even better!
        Jun 5, 2016
    16. Mark
      Replacing new topsoil in several raised beds today with better garden soil because I found the "premium" soil I got delivered was bad...
    17. Mark
      Fixed our broken chicken pen door today...
    18. Mark
      Having internet issues - awfully slow. The NBN was supposed to start on Friday but they've run into delivery problems...
    19. Mark
      Planting out a few kumquats this arvo in the front garden as food/ornamentals
    20. Mark
      Been flat out in the garden and haven't had a chance to do much online work/postings lately so that's why I've been a little quiet!
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    Writer, Blogger, Contract Worker
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    Live on a small acerage
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