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  • Howdy from Texas Mark! I've been following your YouTube for a while and it has helped me become the green thumb I am today, all of your time and dedication is greatly appreciated and ill give ya a big ol southern thumbs up!
    Hi Mark,
    so far the upgrade looks nicer, but have a question ....
    I wanted to add a video clip to media, but youtube is not a choice and I can't figure out how to include an .mp4 file from my hard drive either ... is this able to be done ?

    I do take still pics, but vids are more compelling imo

    P J the Dirt Diva
    Hi PJ,

    I have fixed the YouTube embed now. As for uploading video files, this is not available at the moment because the files are too large and difficult to control for this type of site. Best and easier to upload to YouTube (or another video site) and then embed the video here.

    Also, I think I have fixed the upload problem you were having for images but please let me know if you are still having issues.
    I was able to embed, but it gave me an error. went back said save even it thought it was still ''uploading'' and it worked ok. Also was able to delete a duplicate, but why should I have to give a reason?

    You said you wanted feedback hehehe I will quit now
    G'day Mark. Need some fair dinkum advice on hugelkultur and termites.
    I'm looking at turning my mother's backyard into raised bed veggie garden.
    She lives in ipswich qld, & it has known issues of termites. This has her concerned that burying all this wood and branches into raised beds is just going to attract them.Will this happen? Any advice would be great here mate
    Hey Mark I've noticed a serious problem with your website. Am I able to send you a private message somehow
    Hey Mark, I’ve been puddle skipping around the forum, trying to find a thread of people’s favorite places to get seeds. Could you point me in the right direction. Also, big fan. I love the “dad jokes” and puns. The information, I pick up along the way, is good too. Thanks!
    Isobel Lewis
    I have purchased seed from MIGardener, Rare Seeds (Bakers Creek), Eden Seeds, Beautanicals and the Seed collection. So far i've had amazing strike rate and have had no issues. Have fun shopping!
    I've been watching your videos for... Idk since before I was pregnant with my 5th, that's for sure lol going on two years probably. During my bed rest days, I binge watched your videos. Probably why the baby practically knows your voice love the channel, didn't know this forum existed and pleased to have found it!
    I just joined the SSC! I'm not a big joiner, but I love the vids on youtube and the commonsense approach to gardening!
    I think Mark is nutty and funny and knows what hes doin! Winston
    Thanks for the invite to your forum. I really enjoy your videos. They bring me hope as i sit inside staring at my snow covered garden.
    Thanks Mark for this great forum and your amazing videos on YouTube. You Rock!!!!
    Hello, Mark. Just wondering how the Writer/Contributor Trial is going and if it is something you will keep doing. Answer when you can....I know you are busy. Walt Davis
    I bought the cheap Chinese 55 egg incubator with automatic turner. The instructions was in Chinese please help!
    @Laura Gibbs can you take a pic and create a new thread please so I can see it? Maybe then we can work it out
    Hi there.I was wondering if u could help me I have the 54 holder 1 This is my 1st time using an incubator and Ill actually be using it 4 bearded drgn eggs.So Ill need to adjust it to a lower temp and a higher humidity than you would for say chicken eggs.I am incubator illiterate.I do not understand most of the settings such as the bottom and top tem settings .I could use a better understanding of the incubator
    Hello Mark,
    In my region minimum temperature uses to be 10 C in winter. Will some kind of olive tree fruit here?
    Moreover you mentioned in your posts an online nersary which provides advice for specific kind of olive tree for low chill (less cool) winter areas.
    This evening one female quail started fighting with her last cage mate (since I had to separate the others) and she broke her beak trying to get away from the aggressor! The top half is totally broken!. What should I do to help her? I will be totally bummed if she doesn't survive this...any advice is welcomed gladly!
    Thank you for those wonderful YouTube videos! So much good information that can be applied no matter what country you live in.
    Hi Mark,
    Made it to the forum.... seems my PC deleted the forum.... Now to go and buy some of that so ugly its beautiful Yellow Dragon, and hope it likes Victoria :) oh and my tree stumps :)
    I am in southern California. I believe my mango trees that are in pots are being affected by anthracnose. We had a lot of rain in January and February. I am not sure if it's anthracnose. We have no experts in my area since we have no commercial growers.

    I can send pics of affected branches.

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    Hi @Eddie007 please create a new thread in the fruit and veg section and post your pics there as this is the easiest way to share images and communicate. Welcome!
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