Spinach - Baby Leaf

Basic Growing Tips
  1. Grows in most soil conditions
  2. Best grown in cooler conditions
  3. Heavy feeder - likes lots of compost & appropriate fertiliser
  4. Grows best in full sun
  5. Heirloom variety
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General Information

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This variety of spinach has small leaves (hence the name) but once the plant has been growing at maturity for several weeks the leaves to start to get bigger. Frequent harvesting will help keep the leaves small and tender, although, the larger leaves are still very good to eat.

I like all standard spinach varieties but the baby leaf types I find are more versatile because they can be used in salads or on sandwiches (especially for kids whose taste buds are still a little sensitive to the stronger taste compared to traditional iceberg lettuce) and also in cooking.

I found this variety easy to grow through winter and into spring in my climate (subtropics) the plants constantly regenerate after pruning harvests and don't easily go to seed - a top performer and so easy to eat with lovely mild flavour!

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