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Asian Green, Japanese green,
Basic Growing Tips
  1. Grows in most soil conditions
  2. Best grown in cooler conditions
  3. Grows best in full sun
  4. Heirloom variety
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Mibuna is definitely one of my favourite edible greens to grow - I love all aspects of it! It's easy to grow, grows fast so it's very productive as a cut and come again salad or stir-fry green, and its pleasantly mild taste means it's also easy to eat.

I actually prefer Mibuna over most other Asian greens and I think it's almost as good as spinach (if not better). I would say Mibuna tastes less peppery than rocket and slightly more flavourful than cos lettuce but at the end of the day it's just a really nice leafy vegetable.

The growth habit of Mibuna is strikingly upright with its narrow leafy stems spraying out from the centre like flowers splayed out of an imaginary vase - I think it looks great in the patch.

In my subtropical climate Mibuna isn't quick to seed like some other salad crops, which is a bonus but it's better grown in winter/spring and by mid-spring it will start suffering in the heat with seeding likely occurring soon after.

Our kids like eating it in salads and they have no trouble with Mibuna in a stir-fry it really is an awesome crop to grow. Recommended!
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