Tomoto - Yellow Cherry

Other Names
Sun Sugar Tomato
Basic Growing Tips
  1. Grows in most soil conditions
  2. Can be grown all year (under certain conditions)
  3. Best grown in warmer conditions
  4. Heavy feeder - likes lots of compost & appropriate fertiliser
  5. Grows best in full sun
  6. Heirloom variety
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The yellow cherry tomato is an amazing plant and is one of my "fall-back" tomato plants I grow in our subtropical garden because it will grow strong and reliably when other tomatoes don't.

Fruit can get up to golf ball size and its slight acidic tang makes the yellow cherry great in salads, sandwiches, open melts, or perfect in general cooking.

The plant itself is indeterminate, which means it grows like a vine, and will sprawl out over a trellis beautifully. Clusters or fruit aren't big at around 6 per truss but overall the trusses are plentiful so productivity is awesome!

Due to the size and acidity the Queensland fruit fly will not touch the fruit and the plant is extremely disease resistant to things like blight, and target spot.

I generally don't have to save the seed from this variety of tomato as it pops up throughout our garden regularly from naturally fallen fruit so the plant is either transplanted or simply left to grow where it came up.

I definitely recommend the yellow cherry tomato for the home garden.

Latest reviews

Pros: Taste awesome, easy to grow, and very productive.
Cons: None I can think of...
As per my "author" review I love this tomato and have grown it for many years. It's a rippa! :)

I did forget to mention the yellow cherry tomato grows almost all year here in the subtropics except for the hottest part of summer where they do die off to come back again as the weather cools down.

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