1. Guy M.

    Good medium for a good start...

    Hi all! I've been growing food at home for a number of years now. A motivator for me to get into it more and continue growing was the freely-given seedlings a passionate grower of a Grow Free movement in my local area used to raise and release. :) He raised kale, beetroot, etc. etc. and it was...
  2. M

    Question What's wrong with my cucumber seedlings?

    Any ideas what might be wrong with these cucumbers. I have 6 plants all doing the same thing - maybe this is normal (first time gardener). It has been a couple of weeks they have been like this.
  3. Ash

    Growing from seed

    This may be a small matter to some of you well seasoned green thumbs, but I have had my first batch of successful seedlings grown from seed. Some have been packed for 2 years whilst I was not won with the seeds last year. How have others gone this spring?
  4. Mark

    Direct sowing vs seedling trays

    Here's a really good to the point video about direct sowing food crops in the home garden by Patrick (a YouTube Gardener I follow) he makes several good points - enjoy!
  5. Mark

    Irrigatia solar watering kit

    Here's my latest gadget setup, it's an Irrigatia solar watering drip system I'm using to automatically irrigate my seed raising area. I've had it for several months but only just got around to finally installing it over the past few days and I have to say I really love it! My unit is the...
  6. B

    Pot garden

    This is the start of my pot plant garden and glad wrap greenhouse. Currently I have mainly chilli plants and micro greens, it's a bit dodgy diy but who cares cheers
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