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  1. Mandy Onderwater

    How to FIX and STOP a Raised Garden Bed From Caving Inwards

    Top tip! Want to talk to Mark directly? Did you know that there is another way, outside the forum? Support Mark on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/selfsufficientme (the top tier $25 AU enables mentoring from Mark via an exclusive VIP email where he will answer your questions etc ASAP).
  2. Mandy Onderwater

    I Have a Confession to Make. It Was ALL About the MONEY

    Why did Mark start to be more self sufficient? Here's some insights to Mark's experiences, life choices and family. Lets.... get into it!
  3. Mandy Onderwater

    What Happened to Our Raised Bed Garden in Pouring Rain?

    Another interesting video, this time about how the rain has affected his garden. What plants died and what plants thrived?
  4. GreenThumbsUp

    Question What's the new additions to the garden does everyone have?

    Hi everyone around Australia and around the world!!! I'm interested in how people around Australia and around the world what interesting plants and rare plants they have added newly to their garden recently, maybe even projects that is coming along the way. Maybe even drop a few gardening tips...
  5. Ben North

    Hi From Melbourne

    Hi All, Ben here. Just started setting up some raised beds us I g the Hugelkulture approach. Im wondering if anyone has tried using cardboard as a fill media. I thought it would be great to use the boxes my raised beds came in.
  6. K

    Any good soil suppliers - Parramatta

    Hey everyone, Like a lot of other folks must be doing during C19 lockdown, I'm taking the opportunity to finally build our raised garden bed. As per Mark's videos I'm filling up the bottom with old wood and stumps as well as shredded newspaper that I have a lot of and other general natural...
  7. JoshW

    My raised bed adventure - Hugelkultur inspired

    With the arrival of my 2nd child last Tuesday, I've got some time to get some jobs ticked off. I needed to repair a cracked pipe and put in a retaining wall to stop my yard flooding during the heavy winter rains but my local council won't let me put it close enough to the fence without approval...
  8. Lucas

    First of the 3 Re purposed water tank beds almost done

    The first of 3 beds made from a reclaimed water tank is almost ready I’ve filled it with spent hay, mushroom compost and composted green waste, which I sieved the component out of it that had turned to soil Green waste mulch was gotten from the next councils tip and has been sitting there 12-18...
  9. Universalpuzzle

    Question Potager garden ideas

    For those who don’t know what a Potager Garden is.... “A potager is a French term for an ornamental vegetable or kitchen garden. The historical design precedent is from the Gardens of the French Renaissance and Baroque Garden à la française eras. Often flowers (edible and non-edible) and herbs...
  10. D

    Clay Soil...

    Hello Mark and Everyone! I started watching your videos to gain more information about container gardens and raised bed gardening. I live in Charlotte, NC USA and our soil is a hard red clay and while it will grow trees, fruit and other varieties. our vegetable crops suffer from the poor soil...
  11. Mark

    Is woodchip good or bad for a vegetable garden bed?

    Up until now, I have never used woodchip as mulch in my vegetable garden beds because I have always heard woodchip can deplete the soil of nutrients (particularly nitrogen) and that's not a good thing when growing a food garden. However, something deep down in my instinctive gut kept nagging...
  12. Mark

    Nice rustic looking raised garden bed

    This is a nice rustic looking raised garden bed for a fair price considering some similar sized colorbond or galvanised beds on the market. It's just a pity it's only avail in Victoria! :( Rustic Gardens Raised Garden Beds I suppose it wouldn't be too hard for a person to make their own...
  13. Mark

    Where can I get Hexies Raised Garden Beds?

    I received this question via email today and thought I would post the answer here in case others wanted to know. The video in the question is below and in this video I repot an avocado tree into a small raised garden bed to help prevent root rot fungus/disease the person is asking the question...
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