1. Mandy Onderwater

    Why Keeping Chickens is a "BAD" Idea | World Egg Crisis

    Do you keep chooks? What are your experiences?
  2. Grandmother Goose

    Tip The cute and ugly about keeping ducks - conversation.

    I just finished watching Mark's latest video, . I figured that here was the best place to discuss this matter. I'm not an expert on poultry by any means but there's a few things I do know about which are relevant to Mark's situation. 1. Drakes, especially younger ones, can be extremely randy...
  3. L

    Hello my name is Lena, Im in Burleson, Texas. So Howdy Y'all

    hope everyone is doing great down under, I love gardening and chasing my chickens, looking forward to making friends and exchanging ideas and seeds. im on YouTube Lena's Backyard Homestead please help my channel grow.
  4. .welcome to my Backyard Homestead

    .welcome to my Backyard Homestead

    Hi I’m Lena and this is my garden
  5. J

    Hi from Childers,Queensland

    My name is Julie. I am just over 50 & am a Mum of 4. I have 2 Rottweiler girls, 2 boy Cats & just under 100 Heritage Breed Chooks. I breed the chooks & incubate their eggs. I hatch around 300 chicks each Spring & sell them. I love to garden. I grow flowers, herbs, fruits & vegetables. I also...
  6. KangaBanga

    Hello from Rainy Brissy

    Hi everyone, I am an aspiring "self sufficient" gardener with a young family in a typical Aussie suburb in Southside Brisbane. I am a big believer in the "garden of Eden" style gardening. Been a big long time fan of Mark's youtube channel and his many humorous videos. My garden : In our...
  7. Letsgokate

    Cups or nipples

    Looking to get chickens again in the next few months. In the past for watering I have used PVC pipe with the little cups screwed into the bottom. These do work great but found at times they can become blocked with dirt from the chooks or dust being kicked up from them. I did lift them off the...
  8. Joan Denoo

    Recommend Test chickens' preference cage or free range

    Test: Do chickens prefer cages or free range? When given a choice, do chickens choose to stay in cages or to go outside a chicken yard into a free range situation? The chickens will give you the answer.
  9. R

    What predator does this?

    Hi all, I’m new here from Hawkesbury area near Sydney. Our land backs on to State forest so lots of critters around of all kinds. Last week a pigeon was found in our chook pen with its head bitten off. Chooks were all ok but very scared and wouldn’t come back in the pen for hours (there’s an...
  10. A

    Hi from UK/NZ

    Hi everyone, I started a victory garden (11 fruit trees and vege patch in the garden and nettles and blackberries in the lane at the back of the property), at our Southampton, UK, Victorian Terrace 3 years ago - where we live 1/2 the year and now back in Waikato, NZ are creating a tiny lifestyle...
  11. myfreakinway Diana

    Hello, from The Netherlands

    Hey everybody, Greetings from The Netherlands! I live in the oldest city in Holland, and we have a fairly big garden... for a small town in The Netherlands. We are with six, 3 teens and a toddler, and we have a Borzoi running around. I am an artist (airbrush, drawing, sowing, music (some...
  12. Tynan

    Hello Darlings

    Good morning all, My name is Tynan and I am quite 'green' when it comes to gardening, after reading Cicero's How to Grow Old, I've been an avid viewer of Mark and many other Homesteaders on the web. Seeing as I am finally moving into a 5 acre plot of land on the South side of Brisbane ( Camira...
  13. Mark

    Stop chickens throwing nesting material out of boxes fix

    Here's a video on how I stopped my hens from throwing out their nesting material hay/straw out of the boxes and onto the ground.
  14. Mark

    Video about a hen with a dangerous habit!

    The video speaks for itself... LOL
  15. Mark

    The chicken pied piper

    Check this video out - I found it rather amusing... :)
  16. Mark

    Question Where can I get ivermectin for chickens in Australia?

    Where can I buy ivermectin for my chickens? is one of the most asked questions I get from people via email and other means so I want to dedicate this thread to where it can be purchased and the types of ivermectin products or dosages available etc. Please DON'T discuss the ethics of ivermectin...
  17. J

    Desperate help with chicken trouble shooting!

    Hi Mark and all, I am new to this forum and have spent some time reading through the posts and other sites and I wanted to share my experience with you in hope anyone has thoughts/insights to help me problem solve as I just can't seem to get to the bottom of what is going on for my girls. I...
  18. Top 6 Reasons for Keeping a Rooster in Your Flock

    Chickens Top 6 Reasons for Keeping a Rooster in Your Flock

    Many people only ever hear of the disadvantages and problems a rooster can cause especially in an urban environment where loud noises like crowing can be a worry; but, there are several reasons why keeping a rooster is a good idea if local council laws in your area permit. 1. Protection -...
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