1. Avocado Man

    Wanted Avocado scion/cuttings for grafting

    Hello everyone! New to the forum, decided to finally join, big fan of the channel and also a long time fruit and veg grower mostly in pots. This year I'm growing on a small plot of land so we see how it turns out. Anyway, I was really hoping that someone could help me out, I've got a 13 year...
  2. Renee Shields

    Question Can you buy grafted type A and B avocados trees?

    hello everyone, I’m really new to gardening but I’m wanting an avo tree as avos are so expensive to buy and from being in western Sydney they are also terrible quality. I want an avo tree but I only really have room for one. I realise that you need type a and type b in order for cross...
  3. Mark

    Biggest Avocado in the world would you buy one?

    Avozillas are a huge breed of avocado about 5 times the size of a standard fruit weighing 1.2kgs on average but are they worth buying and would you buy one? Apparently, they retail at about $12 per kg so that's pretty exy and probably more than buying an equivalent in standard avos so one would...
  4. Kasalia

    Question How close to grow avocado trees.

    Have had a grafted B type avocado growing in the front yard which although from Daleys has never fruited in 8 years, but lots of flowers, except this year got one lol. So I bought an A type from a grower in Murwillumbah. Do I need to plant it near the first or can I plant it out the back with a...
  5. Kasalia

    Freezing Avocados

    My sister informs me that you can freeze avocados, sliced as is or however were her words. I put 1/2 one in,peeled, it froze, then in the fridge to thaw, and it seemed alright but a bit brown, just put it on a plate nothing else. I can't believe after all this time with lots going bad over the...
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