General Gardening What you didn't know you need to know about burying animal carcasses in the veggie garden.

Pros: Comprehensive!
Besides that smashing image of a bunny with bones, this article comprehensively "covers" the burying of animals for use in the garden. Top read! :)
Grandmother Goose
Grandmother Goose
Aw, thank you. Yeah, I threw that photo up as a "I'll find one suitable later" to save as a draft; I just grabbed the first photo from my taxidermy things folder; and I must have clicked the wrong thing and it published. I panicked and tried to swap it for the other photo that ended up instead in gallery. After writing all that I was a little brain fuzzled and figured I'd come back to it later and fix it. Now that you've specifically mentioned it I'm wondering if I should? LOL! The bunny with bones was a halloween display decoration that was a nod to Monty Python's Holy Grail, the killer rabbit scene - Yeah I know, a strange use for animal bones, but it worked. Waste nothing!
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