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May 27, 2012
Bellmere, QLD
Premium Membership on SSC is not an automatic right via set criteria (like number of posts) and it can't be purchased either. To qualify for Premium Membership, Registered Members must demonstrate a commitment to add value to our online community and interact appropriately with their fellow members.

Currently, you can become a Premium Member on our forum by three ways:
  1. Participate in our forums by either creating a new thread or participating in a discussion thread already started. In other words, start posting and interacting :)
  2. Be recommended by a Premium Member to be considered for premium membership and then become promoted by a Staff Member (Premium Members can notify staff via PC or email).
  3. Be identified by a Staff Member and be promoted to Premium Member.
Extra Privileges

Premium Members receive extra forum privileges including the following:
  • Can enter competitions held on SSC (with a GOLD banner)*
  • 15 days to edit post
  • 30 minute window to edit conversation
  • May upload attachments to conversations
  • Invite unlimited participants to conversations
  • Control all aspects of profile posts
  • Extra signature permissions
  • Can edit thread title
  • Can make custom title in profile (to show under avatar)
  • Are not subjected to auto-link advertising (VigLinks)
  • Have less display ads
  • Can Bookmark thread posts and profile posts (new)
The above details are subject to change and may be edited in the future.

At the end of the day, if you join SSC and simply "add value" to our site by interacting, asking questions, or helping to answer questions etc, you will become a Premium Member in no time at all.

* Note: Active premium members receive a GOLD banner on their avatar, which gives them eligibility to enter competitions.
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Premium members can now add a poll to an existing thread. This will be handy for specific threads that when created may not have envisaged a poll but later a poll could be helpful.

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Premium Member GOLD

Hi everyone,

you may notice some Premium Members now have been awarded a GOLD banner (shown on their avatar).

The GOLD banner is awarded to Premium Members who have been active on our forums.

Premium Members will automatically be awarded or lose their GOLD banner according to a set criteria calculated on how active a member is over a certain period.

The criteria and timeframe to calculate whether a Premium Member is awarded, retains, or loses their GOLD banner is secret ;)

Nevertheless, attaining and keeping your Gold banner really isn't that hard and will only take what most would consider a small contribution to our forum conversations.

Important: Premium Member GOLD are the only members who are eligible to enter competitions held by SSC. The reason for this is because advertising revenue generated by this Website is used to award prize money and it's those members who contribute to our forum who also generate the views to create the revenue.
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Premium members now have a 15 day window to edit their own posts if required (instead of 24 hours).
Although, I find editing a strange concept, be it a 24hr or 15day, cos does that mean some ppl have already read it?
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Although, I find editing a strange concept, be it a 24hr or 15day, cos does that mean some ppl have already read it?
Yes in most cases editing is not necessary 24 hours or 15 days after but some people might like this window of opportunity to make updates to their post or make a post knowing they have 15 days to further research a topic and modify if required.
Thanks Mark, that makes a lot of sense .. I’ve often gone with caution in (not)posting something in the past, cos I wanted to do further research first. And so often never gotten back to it.. Great idea!
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I have fixed the Gold Membership glitch (hopefully) so if you noticed your Gold banner has dropped off recently despite your participation it should be reinstated soon (if you remain active on our forum). Gold members are the only ones who can enter competitions - once I get the competitions installed and working again.
G'day Mark,

Thank you for taking the steps to create the entirety of what you have built from SSM , ha, ssm.... wasn't that your title? Anyway I digress, You have commented me a few times on the forums about different posts, and thank you for that.
Long story short, you are an inspiration to my wife and myself and hopefully one day my two kids. I traded my discharge benefit for my family's security, I have become an avid Gardner since moving down from TSV, I have struggled and lost a lot of plants, but now am turning a new leaf! :p

But honestly Mark, what I really want is to meet you, talk to you about how to become more self sufficient. I have watched your videos and used them to benefit, I would like to return the favor and assist you in your life goal;.

Thank you for showing me and fellow veterans that their is hope and growth after discharge and that our possibilities to change are without limit.

THANK YOU MARK AND FAMILY FOR BEING SUCH A GREAT TEAM, SUPPORTING MARK DURING THIS JOURNEY, family supports are underrated, and perhaps you could show them ina vid, and how they have helped you become the man you have become since discharge?

Please write back if possible

Forever apprecitive, Former SIG Mathew Raabe.
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