1. J

    Question Newly transplanted tomatos not healthy!

    We built these brand new raised garden beds and filled them with organic garden soil from our local recycling center. The sell different soil mixes, compost, and mulch after recycling yard waste and food waste from restaurants. The garden soil is a blend of their soil and compost with added...
  2. GKW

    Question Ripening tomatoes and prolonged rainfall....

    As the title indicates, I've a decent amount of tomatoes (on vine) anywhere from 50% ripe onwards at present. Picked a ripe one today and noticed two small radical cracks along creases from top to halfway down. Looks like someone with fluid retention in their legs if you know what I mean...
  3. TarynS.

    Sweet Cherry type tomato in 7B

    My daughter (3) absolute LOVES tomatoes. I’m hoping to have a really good crop this year for her. My question are what would be the best small cherry type, that is sweet, and will grow well in 7B (Georgia, USA).
  4. Bea

    Question Is there an actual chart for growing vegetables in a sub-tropical garden?

    I live in the southern Andes of Ecuador at about 5000 ft.. Our climate is best described as sub-tropical. Right now. March, we are in the rainy season. In Australia this is Fall I guess. It is humid, hot with coolish nights and today, with no sun poking through, it is cool and I am wearing a...
  5. M


    Yay! The first of my balcony self sown tomatoes has ripened! Only I then realised 2 were ripe! I'm super chuffed considering how expensive tomatoes got for a while there :D and now 2 have ripened I can see there are plenty more on the way to ripening too!