1. Mandy Onderwater

    Our bull loving the wet weather

    We've had heavy rain since yesterday (40mm yesterday, 32mm so far today). Our bull is greatly enjoying the low hanging leaves, weighed down by the rain.
  2. Mandy Onderwater

    What Happened to Our Raised Bed Garden in Pouring Rain?

    Another interesting video, this time about how the rain has affected his garden. What plants died and what plants thrived?
  3. L

    Mulching in Winter

    Hi all First post, nice to meet everyone I’ve been following Mark for a while and love his stuff!! Just looking for some advice. I live in Sydney and have recently decided to start growing my own fruit and veg. I’ve read a lot about how mulching is really important in winter. However I’ve...
  4. S

    G’day Mangoes, chooks and soaking rain!

    Hi, We live in TOOWOOMBA, QLD and are just happy to have had rain for days. No matter how much...or how little water you give your plants nothing beats a good shower of rain. Tank is full after being empty. Nice. Our garden is a suburban block and this arvo we picked our first mangoes for the...
  5. GKW

    Question Ripening tomatoes and prolonged rainfall....

    As the title indicates, I've a decent amount of tomatoes (on vine) anywhere from 50% ripe onwards at present. Picked a ripe one today and noticed two small radical cracks along creases from top to halfway down. Looks like someone with fluid retention in their legs if you know what I mean...
  6. Bill Eppelstun


    G'day Mark, I have been following your youtube channel for ages and never knew about this forum until today. I have just retired and this is my first season attempting to grow food. Spent and am still spending a small fortune setting set up. I picked a hell of a year (2019) to try, with the...
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