Our bull loving the wet weather

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They culvert is now flooded, so I can't reach them anymore. But they seem pretty content in their shed as I do check up on them from a distance from time to time.

Anyone else getting hammered by rain? We've had about 150mm rain so far today.
Wet season in the north. We already had most of our rain for the summer. Jan-Mar is dry season in Syd, usually, but with La Nina kicking around still I expect we'll have more wet weather too. I kinda miss those thundery tropical summers I had as a kid growing up in Brisbane's far western suburbs.
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Surprisingly no thunger, just rain. Tons and tons of rain. And to say that a week and a half ago we were asking for rain. This is a bit much though...
I love thunder. Our dog, not so much.
😅 my pups didn't care as long as they weren't to go out in that weather. Even if they really needed to empty their bladder, they would go through the backdoor to the nearest grass patch (usually about 2m) empty all out in one go and come straight back inside. Such couch potatoes 🤣😍🥰
We have something of an on/off weather situation going on here. Too warm to get snow, everything comes down as rain. The next day is all blue sky, wind and sunshine then it's wet'n gray again. All around 5-10 °C.
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My dog despises the wet grass and boggy grounds. Especially now that the grass has gotten out of hand a bit. It's absolutely thriving in the warm rain and it's too wet to mow down. She's happily nestled in the bed, head on my pillow.

Yeah we've had a bit of a drougth, but now it's too wet. The sugarcanefarmers are happy for their young cane, but complaining that they can't get the old cane out without bogging their machines, which isn't worth it.
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