1. Mandy Onderwater

    Question [POLL] New year, new content

    It's a new year, and with this new year hopefully a lot more people interested in gardening. But in saying that... what do you think is content most needed?
  2. K

    Other Pollinator-Friendly Weed &/or Mosquito Repllant?

    Hi everyone! I’m looking for recommendations on effective weed and mosquito deterrents that won’t harm the pollinators we’ve worked so hard to attract to our yard and garden. Any advice on that? We’re in Atlanta, Georgia, USA if that bears any importance. Thanks in advance, and thanks for all...
  3. Mandy Onderwater

    Question Article ideas - what are we looking for?

    Hello all, Mandy here. I know many of us have noticed the articles section. And whilst people have been uploading their own articles, it's still rather scarce. I'd love to work on it a lot more as for one, it helps all of us out when there's an article ready with the information we might...
  4. Mandy Onderwater

    Question [STOPPED] Divining - do people know about it?

    I have been thinking about writing an article about divining, but I am horribly aware I know very little about it. I've seen my granddad-in-law do it and he is spot on every single time. He finds water just like that, even waterlines coming from houses! And my partner's uncle divines for gems...
  5. The Rubber Kitty

    Question Composting in the Garden beds

    I was wondering about the how many compost bins i would need, but then remembered that you can dig scraps into garden beds ... so i was wondering how many 'beds' i would need to be able to have one to 'compost' and the other to grow? Can any one see any issues with this other than random veges...
  6. Perry

    Desert Rose Potting Mix

    G'day, My wife has lots of Desert Rose Plants to re pot. Somebody suggested Bunnings Cactus Mix. I would need about 4 bags at least. Has anybody any suggestion how to make your own. One person told me they only use small gravel and fertilize the plants with liquid fertilizer. Cheers Perry
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