1. A


    Hello all, I have a dilemma with how to divide my quail, I currently have a cage that is 1.8m long and 65cm deep. So about 1m2. This cage currently has two young laying quail hens. I also hatched out some quail chicks and they are nearly 5 weeks old, I have 4 female, 2 males. Should i; a)...
  2. Jacob Belmer

    Abusive quail.

    This is my first flock of quail. They are about 10 weeks old. We culled more roosters than we wanted to because of the damage they were causing to our hens. I wonder if trimming their beaks could reduce the injuries. I just can’t see how something so natural can be so traumatic. The English...
  3. M

    I can't get feed for my Quail

    Hi all! I'm in a bit of a panic right now because I have been unable to find feed for my quail anywhere. I fed them their last bit this morning, which is enough to sustain them for the morning only. My local feed stores are closed due to Covid-19 and Amazon is not delivering in my area at the...
  4. C

    Disinfecting eggs before incubation - does anyone do this?

    hi everyone, I’ve recently bought an incubator and am going to incubate some quail eggs in the near future to raise as meat birds. I’ve never incubated anything before, and the Self Sufficient Me YouTube videos have definitely been helpful. I’ve done some online research and the department of...
  5. cajun

    Why I like being an urban homesteader

    Hi. I am an urban homesteader because I live in an apartment and have a very small garden. It is a fun hobby and since I'm in my 60's I don't want to try to manage a big property. The physical side would not bother me but dealing wiith taxes and permits and neighbors would be too much stress...
  6. Mark

    Quail questions answered video

    Here's a video where I answer 15 questions about keeping quail asked on my YouTube channel comments section.
  7. Mark

    Chat about keeping quail on radio

    A video podcast of a chat I had with Rob Blackmore on Sunshine Coast Radio 90.3FM
  8. Mark

    Different coturnix Quail types, breeds, varieties

    Hi everyone, this thread as titled will discuss different breeds of coturnix (Japanese) quail. We can share new varieties we have found or our own mixed mongrels and talk generally about breeding quail. I'll start with a video I made on the different varieties of quail I'm keeping at the moment...
  9. Mark

    Feeding Coturnix quail video

    Here's a video I knocked up on feeding coturnix or Japanese or Pharaoh quail.
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