1. Letsgokate

    Possum/Bird Netting

    Wondering if anyone has had any experience with tried bird netting that has a stainless steel wire through it. It supposed to be ok for possums as well. Just wondering if anyone has used it or knows anything about it whether it is indeed strong enough to stop possums. We have big issues with...
  2. Letsgokate

    Building an exclusion zone/area from possums, birds, fruit fly and other pests

    Due to the issues we have with possums here we are thinking that the only way we can stop them eating plants or fruit is to have an exclusion area for the fruit trees. Our plan (we think) is to build a big dome tunnel, lots can be found on youtube. At the same time putting fruit fly netting on...
  3. Mark

    Ultrasonic Bird Repellent for fruit and vegetables reviews say it works!

    Hey guys, I've found this bird repeller that uses sound (ultrasonic) to stop birds from attacking/eating fruit and vegetable in the patch or orchard - one reviewer even uses it to keep her ducks from pooping in certain areas on her property. Apparently, it also works on dogs, cats, racoons...
  4. Letsgokate

    Possum deterrent

    Ok there are some other creatures who are enjoying my garden. Not the veggie garden (yet) but pumpkin seedlings I have planted in the ground, ate the tops right off and my passionfruit vines, eating the leaves. Crikey wait until the fruit arrives. We made some covers/net out of chicken wire...
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