1. Bradspasojevic

    Spitfire Caterpillar Investation

    Ok, maybe infestation is a bit of an overkill, but its not far from it. I have in the past week started to notice a few spitfire caterpillars wriggling around my urban garden, on walls, pots etc. I wasn't too alarmed as I hadn’t noticed any damage but in the past few days theres been probably...
  2. Mark

    Olive pest Lace Bug

    The olive lace bug is an annoying pest that attacks olive trees in Australia sucking the life out of the leaves and in turn weakening the tree. Signs of the bug infestation are light spots on the leaf from the bug feeding and visible animals under the leaf often with nymphs (offspring) which...
  3. Mark

    Question How to keep cabbage moth of vegetables?

    This thread is a carry on from these few posts over here we decided to make a separate thread and discuss how to keep cabbage moth of vegetables in general, but particularly brassicas!
  4. Mark

    QLD fruit fly Vs Medfly (Mediterranean)

    Here's the difference between the Queensland fruit fly (native to QLD) and the Mediterranean fruit fly, which is an introduced species. I found both species attacking my pomegranate fruits today and thought I'd snap a pic of them - little buggers :mad: The images aren't the best but the first...
  5. Jeff Keys

    How to deal with gall wasp in a dwarf grapefruit

    Does anyone know how to deal with gall wasp in a dwarf grapefruit? They don't bother the other citrus but the little gf is riddled. Maybe it's weakened by the dwarfing root stock? Jeff
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