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    What is happening to my fruit trees?

    G'day everyone, I'm in central Victoria and have recently got into growing fruit trees. I have a Meyer Lemon, Calamondin Kumquat, Washington Naval orange and a Blood Plum. I put these trees in pots and put them along a fence to get full sun. When I had only the Lemon and Kumquat, I had them in...
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    Question Help with Lemon Seedlings!

    Hi everyone! I have a healthy 4-5 year old potted Meyer lemon tree that produces huge fruit regularly. About 9 months ago, I decided to plant the seeds from the fruit just to see what kind of citrus I’d get :) I currently have 11 plants growing, but I’ve noticed a disappearance of leaf color...
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    Greetings from Central Coast of Cal

    Hello. I've been watching your videos for some time, and am fulfilling a lifetime desire, to grow my own food. I plan on having a salsa garden, heirloom tomatoes, and potatoes. Thanks for the info on my yellowed lemon leaves, looks like I need to get them ironed out! Cheers everyone.
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