Question Help with Lemon Seedlings!


Hi everyone! I have a healthy 4-5 year old potted Meyer lemon tree that produces huge fruit regularly. About 9 months ago, I decided to plant the seeds from the fruit just to see what kind of citrus I’d get :) I currently have 11 plants growing, but I’ve noticed a disappearance of leaf color (particularly in the tips of the leaves) to some degree in almost all of them. One seedling has unfortunately succumbed to this and turned completely brown. Despite this, new leaves are popping up on some of the plants. Those in square containers are kept in a west-facing windowsill and are potted in plain topsoil. The four others in the blue cups are kept under a red/blue grow light for 12 hours a day and are potted in a citrus/succulent mix. I haven’t fertilized the seedlings yet with the citrus fertilizer I use for my lemon and orange trees (although I’m wondering if I should). After doing a bit of online research, I’m guessing that it’s an iron or magnesium deficiency, but I wanted another opinion before I accidentally do more harm than good lol. Thanks for your help!
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