1. Mandy Onderwater

    Got Some New Favourite Fruit Trees in the Mail | What Where Why?

    What do you think? Have you ever ordered/grown trees before and how did you go? I have just bought a small lemonade tree after getting inspired. What are your plans in the upcoming seasons?
  2. Mandy Onderwater

    21 Herbs and Spices You Should ALWAYS Grow

    What are you growing currently? And what did Mark inspire you to grow now? :D
  3. Home Sweet Scented Home - how and why to make and use potpourri

    Uncategorisable Home Sweet Scented Home - how and why to make and use potpourri

    In our modern world full of technology, sometimes little things of the past get lost and forgotten about as new products take over the market to replace older ways of doing things. Sometimes, the new ways of doing things aren't always better in the long run. How and why we scent our homes is one...
  4. H

    Hi from Oregon!

    Hey! I found Marks youtube today. I was thrilled to listen to your gardening tips on growing herbs. I heard you mention this forum, so I hopped on here. I love love love gardening. My favorite thing to grow is herbs and flowers, but I’d love to branch out and grow food. No clue how. So here I...
  5. S


    My name is Steph. My social media is all @Zubatsy. I live in zone 8a and I have a variety of edible plants, but I am specifically trying to grow medicinal herbs that are either difficult to find or expensive to buy as a supplement.
  6. The Rubber Kitty

    Question Plants/herbs for pest management - potatoes

    G'day, I have had some of my potatoes (kipflers) have these yellow insects on them... they don't look like aphids .. .kinda like little yellow trilobites ... They don't appear to be interested in the Radishes in the same bed that I am growing in. Are there any good companion plants/...
  7. C

    Hi everyone from Coxie1102

  8. Bea

    Question Is there an actual chart for growing vegetables in a sub-tropical garden?

    I live in the southern Andes of Ecuador at about 5000 ft.. Our climate is best described as sub-tropical. Right now. March, we are in the rainy season. In Australia this is Fall I guess. It is humid, hot with coolish nights and today, with no sun poking through, it is cool and I am wearing a...
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