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Apr 9, 2022
Anyone have experience (good or bad) with cats and chickens. I would like to free range my chickens unattended but am worried about feral cats i the neighborhood (not to mention my personal kitty who is a psycho lizard killer). Thanks!
I haven't had any issues with cats as they don't seem particularly interested in my gardens.
My chickens back in the Netherlands would be very destructive though as they loved to peck at everything; living and dead. I believe this is why Mark doesn't let his' free range either. Instead he's put his composting bin in there as the chickens will scavenge through it, eat and disperse the items, whilst also helping composting by pooping and shredding some of the food.
A friend of mine has just put a small fence around her garden to avoid the chickens free ranging into there, but they get bits and pieces thrown at them whenever they have leftovers (like tomato plant but an ugly looking fruit; squish and throw to chickens). They free-range otherwise.
I have Belgian Duccles which are half sized chooks. They free range in a suburban yard and i also have free ranging neighbours cats. The cats have never attacked the chooks but do hang around the chicken coop at night, I assume they're chasing the mice. I lock the chooks in at night so they're safe.
Had chickens for years never had a problem with cats now foxes are more drama mine are locked up every night and let out about lunch time every day they go home to roost at dark then shut the gate
Chooks are pretty destructive in the garden be more worried about that
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