vegetable garden

  1. GreenThumbsUp

    Question What's the new additions to the garden does everyone have?

    Hi everyone around Australia and around the world!!! I'm interested in how people around Australia and around the world what interesting plants and rare plants they have added newly to their garden recently, maybe even projects that is coming along the way. Maybe even drop a few gardening tips...
  2. Donna Day

    Introducing myself

    Hi, my name is Donna, I am in Sydney Australia, Parramatta. Im new at all this, trying to learn different techniques for my garden, I have never done this sort of thing before, I want to continue this as a hobbie at home.
  3. K

    Any good soil suppliers - Parramatta

    Hey everyone, Like a lot of other folks must be doing during C19 lockdown, I'm taking the opportunity to finally build our raised garden bed. As per Mark's videos I'm filling up the bottom with old wood and stumps as well as shredded newspaper that I have a lot of and other general natural...
  4. Letsgokate


    What is the Kratky Method? This method was discovered by B.A. Kratky from the University of Hawaii. One of the easiest hydroponic methods for growing vegetables. All you need is a container/reservoir to put water and nutrients in for the plants. A lid with holes cut in to hold net pots that...
  5. The Rubber Kitty

    Question Help identifying plnat

    15735002939228553601853802423922 by The Rubber Kitty posted Nov 12, 2019 at 5:22 AM I planted this and i can't remember what it is ... at least i think i planted it deliberately. Can any one help me? thank you!
  6. Mark

    Another tour of the fruit and vegetable gardens at my place

    Here's another update of our fruit and vegetable gardens on our property (3 acres). Being in the middle of summer I'm quite surprised at how well things are growing through this heat!
  7. Mark

    Acreage/homestead showcase

    Here's a homestead or acreage property showcase video of my sister's and brother-in-law's 2.5 acre property. I focus mainly on the vegetable garden and orchard. They are on grid power but do supplement with a solar system and are self-sufficient in water plus run their own septic system.
  8. Mark

    Vegetable garden tour subtropical climate

    Here's a tour of my vegetable garden allotment :)
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