1. C

    Hello from TX,USA!

    Hey guys (g'day!) My Names DJ and I'm an IT pro from the DFW area of TX slowly working my way into the self sufficient lifestyle. My goal is to provide for myself and my immediate family. I just got my first bits of kit (vego 9-in-1, RSI 65gal Compost Tumbler, hand tools) built and placed this...
  2. William Welch

    Howdy from Texas

    Hello everyone, glad to be here! I live in central Texas on a post oak savannah, at the southern end of the blackland prairie. I'm a beekeeper, and bee removal and relocation specialist. Hoping to add a small orchard, and would appreciate any suggestions on types of trees to plant Thanks in advance.
  3. cajun

    Why I like being an urban homesteader

    Hi. I am an urban homesteader because I live in an apartment and have a very small garden. It is a fun hobby and since I'm in my 60's I don't want to try to manage a big property. The physical side would not bother me but dealing wiith taxes and permits and neighbors would be too much stress...
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