self sufficient tips

  1. Mark

    Acreage/homestead showcase

    Here's a homestead or acreage property showcase video of my sister's and brother-in-law's 2.5 acre property. I focus mainly on the vegetable garden and orchard. They are on grid power but do supplement with a solar system and are self-sufficient in water plus run their own septic system.
  2. Mark

    Self-sufficient property backyard tour

    Here's a video walk around on our property showing some of the fruit and vegetables we're growing plus a look at our poultry etc.
  3. Sasha Bushell

    self sufficient tips

    This post is really a questions for anyone and everyone: I was just wondering how you have managed to be off the grid, what kind of bills you have and also what kind of income supports you if you do need to buy things? Do you have animals? And if so how do you feed them cheaply? Do you buy in...
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