1. R

    Hello from Manassas, Virginia

    I've recently got into lacto-fermenting and after several failures have produced several batches of pickies, sauerkraut and just recently, hard boiled eggs. I'm looking forward to sharing recipes and processes with like minded people.
  2. Mark

    Red/Purple Sauerkraut made from Mammoth cabbages

    I'm making red/purple sauerkraut from some of our Mammoth rock cabbages looking forward to seeing how it turns out! The method below is based off the recipe I have already written on my blog here but feel free to ask questions about making sauerkraut in this thread or add your own...
  3. Mark

    Just purchased a Fermenting Crock Sauerkraut Kimchi Harvest Pot 5 litre

    I've been wanting to buy a fermenting crock for a long time now so today I finally lashed out and got one! I pondered over what size would be best because you can get a 10, 15, and 20 litre vessel but I decided a 5 litre crock would be plenty since we still have some leftover sauerkraut from...
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