1. Bed of Rosemary in temperate climate

    Bed of Rosemary in temperate climate

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    Rosemary from a clearance sale. Trying to bring it back to life and have it grow healthy!
  3. Erica Sandoval


    I started my spice garden in my window still about 4 days ago so I can move them out when it warms up. My concern is, would it be too cold on the sill for them to sprout? I want make sure they also get sun when they do peek up. Any tips here? *Somewhat of a beginner at this
  4. Mark

    Phone Pics Challenge - post your awesome mobile images

    Have you taken some amazing shots with your mobile phone camera? This thread is specifically for those cool photos you have taken with just your humble phone camera and would like to share! I thought this could be a fun photo thread - plus I've already taken a few crackers this year so I'm...
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