1. L

    Mulching in Winter

    Hi all First post, nice to meet everyone I’ve been following Mark for a while and love his stuff!! Just looking for some advice. I live in Sydney and have recently decided to start growing my own fruit and veg. I’ve read a lot about how mulching is really important in winter. However I’ve...
  2. T

    Question Tree Mulch

    Greetings all! I am keen on Mark's videos, and have built 2 new raised beds with sheet metal roofing, and filled in with Tree stumps, etc. After preparing the soil, I decided to plant seeds for beans, peas, beets, and lettuce. 1- days later and the lettuces are peeping through! A start. Then...
  3. M

    Question Pine Straw Mulch

    So I've come across the idea of using Pine Straw as a mulch recently although it apparently changed the PH so was recommended for some plants and not for others. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions or yay vs nay tips/recommendations. There are a few places nearby I could go rake some pine...
  4. Mark

    Mulching around fruit trees

    Hi everyone, thought I'd start a thread with one of my latest VLog vids about mulching around fruit trees :)
  5. Mark

    Question Is free compost from the dump/tip safe to use in the garden?

    I guess I have made up my mind because I do use the free mulch/compost from our local tip in my garden around the fruit trees but not in the vegetable patch. I'm interested in everyone's thoughts - is compost or mulch from the local council tip safe to use? Here's a video I put together on...
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