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    I have a bag of Water Retaining Crystals that are meant to hold and release water in the soil. I wanted to try growing a Jalapeno plant in ONLY the Water Crystals! If allowed, i'd love to share the video of my preparation.
  2. C

    Introducing myself - Chaz from Ohio - indoor and outdoor gardening and vermicomposting

    Hello Marc, and Hello all! logging in from Ohio, here in the U.S. Marc - love your videos, and greatly anticipate each new one. I garden during the summers, and keep a couple racks with T5 flourescents in the basement where I grow romaine and butter-crunch lettuce, microgreens, and...
  3. Gary Courtright Sr.

    Hello from the great state of Nevada

    Hi SSC: Thanks for the membership. Greetings from Stagecoach, Nevada. we have two claims to fame here 1. Nobody knows where we are . 2. The dry lake bed in the "Misfits" (Clark Gable and Marlin Monroe's last movie) is ours. right across the road from where I live. Anyway despite the high...
  4. Mark

    Simple Hydroponics - A Short Term Solution to Growing

    Here's an article posted to Self Sufficient Me that was written by Clissa https://selfsufficientme.com/fruit-vegetables/simple-hydroponics-a-short-term-solution-to-growing Enjoy and discuss if you wish :)
  5. Letsgokate


    What is the Kratky Method? This method was discovered by B.A. Kratky from the University of Hawaii. One of the easiest hydroponic methods for growing vegetables. All you need is a container/reservoir to put water and nutrients in for the plants. A lid with holes cut in to hold net pots that...
  6. Letsgokate

    Dutch Buckets - Hydroponics

    As mentioned previously with hubby health issues and me having to take most of the load around the place I had a break from growing veggies for the year. Just now getting back into it but his health issue made me realise I need to find easier and simpler way of doing things. Less back breaking...
  7. Mark

    Hydroponic grow tent - why?

    I've heard of grow rooms and I get the concept but what would be the use of a hydroponics grow tent like this? I saw this grow tent here on eBay
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