1. S

    Hello from Colorado!

    Hi, all! I am in Colorado, USA, and I stumbled upon Self Sufficient Me with the hugelkultur video when Mark tore the bed apart showing what happened after so many years. I was hooked after that and all I was looking for was different ways to compost. Its summer time here and today we built our...
  2. Ben North

    Hi From Melbourne

    Hi All, Ben here. Just started setting up some raised beds us I g the Hugelkulture approach. Im wondering if anyone has tried using cardboard as a fill media. I thought it would be great to use the boxes my raised beds came in.
  3. JoshW

    My raised bed adventure - Hugelkultur inspired

    With the arrival of my 2nd child last Tuesday, I've got some time to get some jobs ticked off. I needed to repair a cracked pipe and put in a retaining wall to stop my yard flooding during the heavy winter rains but my local council won't let me put it close enough to the fence without approval...
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