fruit trees

  1. Grandmother Goose

    Fruit Showcase My espalier dwarf fruit tree garden.

    Introducing my espalier dwarf fruit tree garden. Espalier is a very old practise of shaping trees by growing them along a wall, fence, trellis, etc; to create a flat narrow wall or fence of trees. This allows a lot of trees to be grown in a smaller area than usual, and fruiting trees still are...
  2. G

    Recommend Tradewinds South Coast Online Nursery

    Hey Guys, I was searching for new indoor plant and rare tropical fruit trees that grow well in Australia. I found this website called Tradewinds South Coast. I contacted the owner who was easy to deal with. They have heaps of different fruit trees like chocolate pudding fruit, ice cream bean...
  3. Letsgokate

    Building an exclusion zone/area from possums, birds, fruit fly and other pests

    Due to the issues we have with possums here we are thinking that the only way we can stop them eating plants or fruit is to have an exclusion area for the fruit trees. Our plan (we think) is to build a big dome tunnel, lots can be found on youtube. At the same time putting fruit fly netting on...
  4. Letsgokate

    List of suggested soil pH range for fruit trees

    I've started a list of the recommended/suggested soil pH range for fruit trees to do well. This list is focused on the fruit trees I have or on my wish list, so obviously there will be more than I've listed and people can add more if they know them. If the pH of soil is not in the range the...
  5. Mark

    Mulching around fruit trees

    Hi everyone, thought I'd start a thread with one of my latest VLog vids about mulching around fruit trees :)
  6. Letsgokate

    Growing fruit trees in pots

    I'm interesting in anyone who has grown fruit trees in pots long term. I know citrus do well in pots, I'll post some videos below. But how about other fruit trees, like apples, avocado, plums, nectarine, peaches, pears, passion-fruit, etc. And how about nut trees like pecan. Reason for asking...
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