1. Mandy Onderwater

    Question How to use fresh cow manure?

    Hi all! My granddad-in-law has two cows down the back paddock and I've wondered how to utilise the poo into my garden. Actually, my bigger question is.... can diseases travel with the poo? Granddad mostly has the cows to keep the grass down and a little bit as pets. He makes sure they're...
  2. Bobo

    Question Coffee grounds on garden

    Hi all, new here, im relatively new to gardening as well I have recieved a bag of old coffee beans, about a year old, so i am not really willing to drink it, but it would be a shame to let it go to waste, i have heard composting too much coffee can be bad for a garden but i also heard it is good...
  3. taisla97

    Garden storage

    How do you store your garden tools and items like fertilisers and potting mix, etc.? I'd love to see photos of how you organise your garden items while not in use. Sheds, shelves, cupboards, containers, etc.
  4. M

    Weed tea

    So I've been making weed tea for maybe a month or so now, and its just gotten to the point where I've been able to use it for maybe 2 weeks, but it made me wonder - can you overdose plants on weed tea? I am watering it down to maybe a 1 in 5 solution because I know it can potentially burn the...
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