1. G

    Chicken Eggs have metallic taste

    Any helpful tips to try and fix my problem ? for 6 months my 3 laying hen have been laying eggs with metallic taste. Ive contacted vets , petshops and NSW Department of Primary Industries and no one heard of this problem Food: When we got them they were eating just barastoc poultry "golden...
  2. .welcome to my Backyard Homestead

    .welcome to my Backyard Homestead

    Hi I’m Lena and this is my garden
  3. R

    Hello from Conondale

    My husband and I run a small certified organic farm (26 acres). We sell our eggs and any local produce. Last year we beat the fungus curse on our elephant garlic by planting them with brassicas: bok choy and broccoli. Bok choy sold at the local IGA really well but the broccoli just didn't form...
  4. C

    Disinfecting eggs before incubation - does anyone do this?

    hi everyone, I’ve recently bought an incubator and am going to incubate some quail eggs in the near future to raise as meat birds. I’ve never incubated anything before, and the Self Sufficient Me YouTube videos have definitely been helpful. I’ve done some online research and the department of...
  5. R

    Hello from Manassas, Virginia

    I've recently got into lacto-fermenting and after several failures have produced several batches of pickies, sauerkraut and just recently, hard boiled eggs. I'm looking forward to sharing recipes and processes with like minded people.
  6. SAJay

    HELP Wanted with Orphaned Goose Eggs

    Hi Everyone. I have heaps of experience hatching and raising Chickens and Ducks. No Problem. I have a friend who called for help from me over the weekend. Her beloved 17 year old goose died suddenly after laying 11 eggs. She hadn't started to sit and laid the 11th egg the morning she died. So...
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