1. Mandy Onderwater

    10 Reasons Why NOT to Keep Ducks?

  2. Grandmother Goose

    Tip The cute and ugly about keeping ducks - conversation.

    I just finished watching Mark's latest video, . I figured that here was the best place to discuss this matter. I'm not an expert on poultry by any means but there's a few things I do know about which are relevant to Mark's situation. 1. Drakes, especially younger ones, can be extremely randy...
  3. Davidwood1983

    Muscovys won’t return to coop

    Hi all, Our new (yesterday) muscovys won’t return to the coop at night. Don’t want to leave it open any longer and put chickens at risk. They are very big birds (Males) so hope they will be ok tonight sleeping in the long grass at the bottom of our empty dam. Any tricks to get them to return...
  4. A

    Hi from UK/NZ

    Hi everyone, I started a victory garden (11 fruit trees and vege patch in the garden and nettles and blackberries in the lane at the back of the property), at our Southampton, UK, Victorian Terrace 3 years ago - where we live 1/2 the year and now back in Waikato, NZ are creating a tiny lifestyle...
  5. C

    Learning about Khaki Campbells

    Hi! I'm new to this forum. It sounds like a caring and supportive site! I would love to have some advice on Khaki Campbells from time to time as we are getting to know the breed. We have a male and female 2 years old and now the female is sitting on a dozen eggs. She is very diligent and...
  6. Mark

    How to train ducks to free range & return to their pen

    I received this excellent question via email today: You certainly can train ducks to free-range just like chickens and return home to the pen before nightfall but they may take a little more time to get used to a free-range routine and require slightly more effort than your hens. Chickens...
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