1. C

    Veg Showcase Huge hidden cucumbers

    OMG Two huge hidden organically grown cucumbers huge! World record 42.1 inches long.
  2. The Rubber Kitty

    Problem What is wrong with my cucumbers?

    They were going fine for a while, but they have become holy and some of the cucumbers are shrivelling up or 'aborting' and becoming yellow ... I am not sure if it is because we have had a few days of really dry weather and they have been smashed and thus more likely to get disease/pests? There...
  3. Bea

    Question Is there an actual chart for growing vegetables in a sub-tropical garden?

    I live in the southern Andes of Ecuador at about 5000 ft.. Our climate is best described as sub-tropical. Right now. March, we are in the rainy season. In Australia this is Fall I guess. It is humid, hot with coolish nights and today, with no sun poking through, it is cool and I am wearing a...
  4. M

    Question What's wrong with my cucumber seedlings?

    Any ideas what might be wrong with these cucumbers. I have 6 plants all doing the same thing - maybe this is normal (first time gardener). It has been a couple of weeks they have been like this.
  5. R

    Hello from Manassas, Virginia

    I've recently got into lacto-fermenting and after several failures have produced several batches of pickies, sauerkraut and just recently, hard boiled eggs. I'm looking forward to sharing recipes and processes with like minded people.
  6. Mark

    Growing cucumbers and fermenting them

    This video shows how I grow my cucumbers and pickle/lacto-ferment them in a large crock pot.
  7. Mark

    Sliced cucumbers pickled preserved in lemon juice & vinegar

    Here's another pickled cucumber mix idea to preserve them for use later. When cucumbers are in season they grow rapidly but don't last very long on the plant or in the crisper so pickling them is a great way to keep the freshness and even enhance the taste. Whole pickled cucumbers are best done...
  8. Mark

    Cucumbers cold pickled in vinegar mix

    Here's some home grown cucumbers (Lebanese I think) because they self-seeded in my garden so I don't know for sure but I was surprised to see fruit on the vine! It felt like yesterday when I had a look and saw only flowers then suddenly BANG like the next day there were several 4-6 inch...