1. K

    Other Pollinator-Friendly Weed &/or Mosquito Repllant?

    Hi everyone! I’m looking for recommendations on effective weed and mosquito deterrents that won’t harm the pollinators we’ve worked so hard to attract to our yard and garden. Any advice on that? We’re in Atlanta, Georgia, USA if that bears any importance. Thanks in advance, and thanks for all...
  2. The Rubber Kitty

    Question effect of diesel and sump oil on growing veges/fruit?

    G'day Peeps, I have some sleepers that have been treated and i plan on making a raised garden bed out of them. I have had one of my friends insist that I use old sump oil and diesel mixed together and paint the sleepers with that before making a garden bed. I have some reservations with this...
  3. Erica Sandoval


    I started my spice garden in my window still about 4 days ago so I can move them out when it warms up. My concern is, would it be too cold on the sill for them to sprout? I want make sure they also get sun when they do peek up. Any tips here? *Somewhat of a beginner at this
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