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    Sweet Potato Harvest

    thats it, I normally grow smaller stuff in the beds but had an empty one so thought what the hell lol
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    First batch of peaches harvested

    Yummo we have two small tree's and would love to see this in the future
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    Sweet Potato Harvest

    Well from a tiny cutting to 10kg plus lol well pleased and look at the size of some of these suckers hahaa HUGE
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    Honey Bee's

    there is something special about chillin n watching them do their thing
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    Its time to PICKLE

    awesome and rewarding and pickles are the bomb
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    21 Days Eating Only What We Can Grow

    thats the way to do it, we just processed 8 roosters this morning, and still have about 20kg of pork in the freezer, vegie patch is coming along well, and fruit tree's but alittle off being able to chomp away to our hearts delights :)
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    I have her hooked!

    nice work, let the fun begin
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    Gentlemen, behold..

    nice work
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    Preparing old Goat Paddock into a Vegie Garden

    more spam, but man its looking good
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    Backyard to food forest

    nice work have fun keep digging ;)
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    Hi from Sunshine Coast, Australia.

    its kinda a weird mix of nuthin and everything hahahaha
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    Sold the Bike and bought a new toy

    mate no dramas at all the government couldnt get laid in a brothel with a fist full of dollars, I honestly thought the border control would be a huge hassle, it was nothing, go over drive back, easy as I remember back to the Cambell Useless Newman bike rules, I was always getting pulled over...
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    Hi from Sunshine Coast, Australia.

    hello and welcome, we r just up the road from u happy gardening :)
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    Sold the Bike and bought a new toy

    she is a sexy one, and yep print a border pass and away u go, leaving QLD dont need anything at all, and to come back a piece of paper on your windscreen n bham easy as