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    Chat about keeping quail on radio

    Hi Mark Thank you for the prompt reply. Yes I am interested. Not sure how to send a personal message. But please send me the details, it would be much appreciated.
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    Chat about keeping quail on radio

    Mark it is really good information. Keep up the good work. Where do you get your quail from? Do you have a supplier in the area or do you use gumtree, etc?
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    Caboolture Tennis website

    Mark I've played last in school (many moons ago) and were fit. Not so streamline anymore. But great way of exercise
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    Nice rustic looking raised garden bed

    Look nice but would require a lot of soil/compost
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    Irrigatia solar watering kit

    Mark, Really good set up and explanation. With regards to the outflow after the pump is it just one line with all the drippers connected to it?
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    Growing Golden Dorsett Apples dwarf variety

    MArk, Where did you buy the Golden Dorsett tree?
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    Growing Golden Dorsett Apples dwarf variety

    Nice video Mark. Couldn't agree more with store bought apples. Disappointing.
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    Hi from Morayfield

    Thanks Mark & Stevo Mark great advise, I appreciate it. The internet is so frustrating slow, although I have it at home, but lets hope NBN will solve it for us. I'm not even sure if i will receive it. I've got a nice open spot and was contemplating putting growbeds and fencing it off with...
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    Hi from Morayfield

    Hi there. Long time lurker to this forum and decided to join. I enjoy the discussions and advice and might have questions from my own. I have 2 acres and are planning to get going again as my first try with veggies were destroyed by possums. Unfortunately you can't touch them. However, I'm...