1. Mandy Onderwater

    What Happens When You Grow Corn in Winter?

    What have you grown outside of season, and how did that go?
  2. L

    Mulching in Winter

    Hi all First post, nice to meet everyone I’ve been following Mark for a while and love his stuff!! Just looking for some advice. I live in Sydney and have recently decided to start growing my own fruit and veg. I’ve read a lot about how mulching is really important in winter. However I’ve...
  3. S

    Winter Cover

    For those of you with the galvanized garden “boxes” that have the rounded ends, how do you cover it to make the crop last longer or through winter?
  4. vikinglord13

    Tip New to Illinois, new to gardening/farming!

    Hello all, I just moved from Southern California out to Naperville, IL, to join my wife. We I just started our garden and want to eventually get into growing our own vegetables and fruits, and possibly have hens for chickens; however, we're just starting with some flowers to hopefully attract...
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