1. N

    G'Day from Northwest Sydney, NSW

    Hi all, my name's Neil, good to meet you all. I'm living in Sydney, renting in The Hills area, at least for another year. I have a large 900 square meter property to maintain, of course most of it is grass. I have just bought a small raised garden bed from Aldi, and now some soil to fill it. I...
  2. Reasons_Why

    Hello from Melbourne!

    Hey everyone, i'm a 17 year old from Melbourne Australia, I've gardened ever since i could walk (literally) and i have grown many many things over my life, i collect and grow aquatic plants, and i grow plants by season each year! Right now I'm just starting to plant all my winter crop, Chinese...
  3. Bradspasojevic

    Here I Come

    Hello All! I am Brad, 24, from Sydney, Aus and living in a ground floor unit with hopes to move out of the city soon as im not sure how much longer I can handle growing in pots and losing the soil at the of each season! Ive spent 4 years working on a hydroponic / acreage farm and have a great...
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