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  1. M

    Question Pine Straw Mulch

    So I've come across the idea of using Pine Straw as a mulch recently although it apparently changed the PH so was recommended for some plants and not for others. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions or yay vs nay tips/recommendations. There are a few places nearby I could go rake some pine...
  2. Sasha Bushell

    Soil testing and maintenence

    Hi Everyone. Its been some time since I've posted any thing on the forum. My apologies. However I am keen to ask a few individual subject specific questions to you oil. Re: self sustainability and soil. I believe soil is crucially important for self sustainability (please correct me if im...
  3. Letsgokate

    List of suggested soil pH range for fruit trees

    I've started a list of the recommended/suggested soil pH range for fruit trees to do well. This list is focused on the fruit trees I have or on my wish list, so obviously there will be more than I've listed and people can add more if they know them. If the pH of soil is not in the range the...
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