1. Mandy Onderwater

    TURN Children’s PLAY GYM into Something USEFUL

    Such smart thinking! What have you turned into something else over the years? Goodness - what a big snake! Handy tip! Want to talk to Mark directly? Did you know that there is another way, outside the forum? Support Mark on Patreon: (the top tier $25...
  2. Mandy Onderwater

    Get 10 MORE Years! Out of Your Compost Bays!

    Oh no! We are glad Mark's finger healed this fast! Tune in to see how to improve your compost bays, made to last. Can't say I enjoy the feel of manure in my hands - perhaps because I know the cows on a personal level, haha.
  3. Mandy Onderwater

    How We Recycle ALL Our House Wastewater Into The Garden

    In this video Mark show us how he recycles his wastewater - including toilet water! What an interesting and inspiring video! :O
  4. Mandy Onderwater

    Legend Dairy Way to Grow Chillies in Plastic Milk Bottles!

    I have done this as well! What are your experiences - or have you even ever tried this before?
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