1. K

    Other Pollinator-Friendly Weed &/or Mosquito Repllant?

    Hi everyone! I’m looking for recommendations on effective weed and mosquito deterrents that won’t harm the pollinators we’ve worked so hard to attract to our yard and garden. Any advice on that? We’re in Atlanta, Georgia, USA if that bears any importance. Thanks in advance, and thanks for all...
  2. Snowemu

    Problem Stink bugs and lady beetles

    We’ve recently had an heap of stink bugs take up residence on our line and lemon trees. They don’t seem to be hurting the fruit but have been taking over the leaves. We’ve tried knocking them off with soapy water but they keep coming back. Sane deal with lady beetles with yellow spots. All over...
  3. The Rubber Kitty

    Problem What is wrong with my cucumbers?

    They were going fine for a while, but they have become holy and some of the cucumbers are shrivelling up or 'aborting' and becoming yellow ... I am not sure if it is because we have had a few days of really dry weather and they have been smashed and thus more likely to get disease/pests? There...
  4. E

    Question Cutworms

    Hi all, New to gardening in Australia and have recently been acquainted with the cutworm. What's the best way to stop these suckers from munching on my herbs at night?
  5. Bea

    Wildlife -Squirrels

    I suspect that this thread will really 'take off'. My opinion of squirrels, AFTER saying that they are the prettiest creatures, is that regardless of continent, climate or altitude, we will always do battle with squirrels over our strawberries - especially if they are in hanging baskets or...
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