1. C

    Veg Showcase Huge hidden cucumbers

    OMG Two huge hidden organically grown cucumbers huge! World record 42.1 inches long.
  2. Bradspasojevic

    Here I Come

    Hello All! I am Brad, 24, from Sydney, Aus and living in a ground floor unit with hopes to move out of the city soon as im not sure how much longer I can handle growing in pots and losing the soil at the of each season! Ive spent 4 years working on a hydroponic / acreage farm and have a great...
  3. O

    Howdy All

    Howdy all. Just a quick introduction about myself. I am a 27 year old male based out of a little coastal town called Tiddy Widdy Beach on the Yorke Peninsula South Australia. I have been growing my own food for the past 2 years with a lot of it being experimental to see what grows and what...
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