1. Mandy Onderwater

    10 Organic Ways to Control Pests in the Garden

    10 Organic ways to control pests in the garden In this video Mark shows us his top 10 organic ways to limit the damage done by pests. [Note, this is only a visual, shortened version of the video, please watch it to catch up on all the tips and tricks properly.] 1 – Healthy [1:20] Pests like...
  2. Scott Skelton

    New member

    Hey everyone. Scott here from western Australia, and have come across Mark's amazing videos whilst I'm in the garden myself. And his videos are just amazing to watch. I have learnt so much just by simply watching his videos.
  3. Pattihabby

    Hi From NE Ohio

    Hi My name is Patti and I live 30 miles SE of Cleveland, Ohio ! We are in a Temperate zone = zone 6A, so we get all seasons and the Lake Effect weather from Lake Erie... I Love watching Mark, I learn so much and get a Smile while watching his antics. A Real Down to Earth Guy (pun intended) ...
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