1. K

    Hi everyone!

    Hello all! Kelly checking in from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Found your channel through my sister (we share a YouTube Account over at ChiliCheeseVlog) and I’m so glad I’ve made it all the way to the forum! We love watching your advice together and hope to put some of it to good use this...
  2. T

    Greetings from Central Coast of Cal

    Hello. I've been watching your videos for some time, and am fulfilling a lifetime desire, to grow my own food. I plan on having a salsa garden, heirloom tomatoes, and potatoes. Thanks for the info on my yellowed lemon leaves, looks like I need to get them ironed out! Cheers everyone.
  3. Bill Eppelstun


    G'day Mark, I have been following your youtube channel for ages and never knew about this forum until today. I have just retired and this is my first season attempting to grow food. Spent and am still spending a small fortune setting set up. I picked a hell of a year (2019) to try, with the...
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