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  1. M

    Infected Leaves on chili plants

    Few days ago I noticed the very bottom leaves of my chili plant were looking odd. Yellowish with spots on them, I touched them and they fell off. Next day another bottom leaf had taken the same form. I removed it and today I noticed another bottom leaf showing same symptoms. Here are the...
  2. M

    Deformed flowers in chili pepper plants

    I recently noticed this on my outdoor chili pepper flowers, I find it difficult to describe so here are the images to start with: As can be seen above, there is a green pod bulging out of the flower causing it to deform. Normally the pod starts to grow after the flower is pollinated and petals...
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    My final hot pepper of the year :)
  4. ss-ashley

    Question Tabasco peppers turning purple

    I have lots of peppers on my tabasco pepper plants. The fruit are full grown (about 1 to 1.5 inch) but it remained green for about 3 weeks. About 5% of the crop have streaks of purple in it. Tabasco pepper suppose to turn yellow then red. I have doing research on the internet and can't find...
  5. Bea

    Just Peppers

    Lots of sweet and hot peppers growing - bushes or seedlings. This is the start of the rainy season so I really MUST get more plastic to drape over the frame that covers the sweet peppers. Otherwise, they become water logged - the only way to describe this phenomenon. The hot peppers seem to do...
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