1. K

    Hi everyone!

    Hello all! Kelly checking in from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Found your channel through my sister (we share a YouTube Account over at ChiliCheeseVlog) and I’m so glad I’ve made it all the way to the forum! We love watching your advice together and hope to put some of it to good use this...
  2. Reasons_Why

    Hello from Melbourne!

    Hey everyone, i'm a 17 year old from Melbourne Australia, I've gardened ever since i could walk (literally) and i have grown many many things over my life, i collect and grow aquatic plants, and i grow plants by season each year! Right now I'm just starting to plant all my winter crop, Chinese...
  3. Will Gitz

    Hello from Central Ohio

    Hello Hello, I found this from the Self Sufficient Me youtube channel, I love his videos. I grow a wide variety of items in my backyard and my basement with grown lights and heaters over winter. I have a golden retriever named Fawkes who loves picking tomatoes off the vine and eating spicey...
  4. Krisy Campbell

    Hello fellow veggie heads from South East Queensland

    Hi all , I’m from Se Qld and a big fan of selfsufficientculture , I’ve been following Mark for a long time now , great tips from him especially coming from qld subtropical , I grow as much as I can veggie and fruit wise and also raised animals . I am very happy to be here my veggie garden is...
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