1. Manuka Kat

    Good to See Mark Trying New Ideas

    Hello from the rolling red Farm Country in Northern Tassie between Devonport & the snowy beaches of Port Sorell. I'm from England, so a long way from 'home,' although I lived in US many years which was my home before returning to UK, so I suppose you could say I've spent my life trying to get...
  2. A

    Hi from UK/NZ

    Hi everyone, I started a victory garden (11 fruit trees and vege patch in the garden and nettles and blackberries in the lane at the back of the property), at our Southampton, UK, Victorian Terrace 3 years ago - where we live 1/2 the year and now back in Waikato, NZ are creating a tiny lifestyle...
  3. R

    Question Growing Mandarins in the UK

    Hi all, So in April i will be receiving a mandarin (approximately 1m tall in a 5L pot). I am planning on keeping it outside during the summer and then bringing it indoors to over winter, it is apparently frost hardy to -5C but don't fancy risking it, being England the weather isn't all that...